Singapore to Sydney Cruise: 23 nights in February 2012.

P&O Cruises UK Oriana australia cruise saleExperience just a part of the World Voyage without the time commitment of the full itinerary, experience this 23 night sailing on Oriana Vessel from Singapore to Sydney. Experience many diverse cultures as you sail from the Shores of Asia to a contrasting Australia. The sights and sounds of Phu My, Vietnam will astound you when Swarms of motorbikes buzz down the crowded streets balancing every sort of cargo imaginable — from clinging families to coops of live chickens and the air is filled with the cries of street hawkers and honking horns. Be exposed to the small town ambience of Nha Trang, Vietnam, The skyscrapers and dragon-crested hills of Hong Kong and the largest city of the sultanate of Brunei- Bandar Seri Begawan. Bali will relax you with it's miles of sandy beaches and towering volcanoes that stretch along the tropical island. Shop for woodcarvings, silver work and paintings in the artisan villages or see a traditional Barong dance. Arrive in the contrast of Australia and be greeted by botanical gardens, museums and the famous jumping crocodiles. Be taken by the The Whitsunday Islands which boast beautiful beaches and fantastic snorkeling amongst the coral reefs before arriving in Brisbane, a cosmopolitan city with elegant 19th century sandstone buildings, a lively cultural scene and superb parklands. Conclude the cruise in Sydney, a vibrant and exciting city.

Cruise Operator: P&O Cruises
Vessel: Oriana
Ports of Call: Singapore, Phu My, Nha Trang, Hong Kong, Bandar Seri Begawan, Bali, Darwin, Whitsunday Islands, Brisbane, Sydney.
Sailing Dates: Departs: Wed, Feb 1 2012. Arrives: Fri, Feb 24 2012.

Cruise Itinerary.
Total length of cruise: 23-nights.

Singapore to Sydney  Itinerary
Days/ Ports of Call/ Arrivals & Departures. 
  • Day 1 Singapore - Wed, Feb 1 2012 21:00
  • Day 3 Phu My - Fri, Feb 3 2012 07:00-Fri, Feb 3 2012 17:00
  • Day 4 Nha Trang - Sat, Feb 4 2012 08:30-Sat, Feb 4 2012 18:30
  • Day 6 Hong Kong - Mon, Feb 6 2012 08:00-Mon, Feb 6 2012 18:00
  • Day 9 Bandar Seri Begawan - Thu, Feb 9 2012 08:00-Thu, Feb 9 2012 18:00
  • Day 12 Bali - Sun, Feb 12 2012 08:00-Sun, Feb 12 2012 17:00
  • Day 15 Darwin - Wed, Feb 15 2012 09:30-Wed, Feb 15 2012 18:00
  • Day 19 Whitsunday Islands - Sun, Feb 19 2012 08:00-Sun, Feb 19 2012 18:00
  • Day 21 Brisbane - Tue, Feb 21 2012 08:00-Tue, Feb 21 2012 18:00
  • Day 23-24 Sydney - Thu, Feb 23 2012 08:00-Fri, Feb 24 2012 00:00 

About the Oriana
Authentic yet modern, Oriana is a great ship for all ages. Teak decks. A tiered stern. And art deco style interiors. Her design helps create an atmosphere that epitomises the romance of cruise travel. Whilst her entertainment ranges from shows to a spa, gym and cyb@study. Those who sail on Oriana, fall in love with her. Many of her venues becoming firm favourites. Live sporting events in the Lord's Tavern. Coffee and chocolates in Tiffany's. Musicals in the Theatre Royal. Pre-dinner drinks in the Crow's Nest. Late nights in Harlequins. These are just some of her signature experiences. She also offers dining to suit your every mood. You can savour fine cuisine in one of her main restaurants. Opt for a bistro style menu in the Terrace Grill. Or sample the contemporary British dishes of Gary Rhodes in Oriana Rhodes. Oriana will become an Adults Only ship on 30th November and therefore will not allow passengers under 18years onboard. Read more about the Oriana here.

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